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At #Emoneysummit15, It’s About Time…For Biz Dev And Lead Generation

Technology has the power to awe, captivate and inspire. It also has the capacity to make us more efficient and free up what is our most precious resource – time. So, while eMoney and the other providers at eMoney’s inaugural summit showed off some slick technology and delivered the wow factor, the real message attending advisers are taking home is that eMoney and its partners are looking to do more than provide practice management and financial planning tools.

National journalists come to Philadelphia to share insights on data-driven storytelling

Panel brings together reporters from The New York Times, Forbes, AP, and knight-mozilla OpenNews The Power of Data for Story Telling, a seminar open to professional communicators in the Philadelphia area, is being held Thursday, June 4, 2015 at the Penn Museum from 5 p.m. until 7 p.m. The media panel discussion brings together four of the top minds on data, how it is transforming the way journalists do their jobs, and the way companies communicate their stories.

Of course the media is going to cover a riot, and rightly so!

Wow. Where did this notion come from, that when there’s a riot in the streets, and fires are burning down a city, the media shouldn't cover it? Rather, they should train their cameras on the thousands of peaceful protesters and not rioters threatening lives and property? The fact of the matter is, it’s the media’s job to report on threats and risks. It’s their duty to cover the dangerous and the destructive.

7 things great speakers do

Most people fail as speakers simply because they don’t know the tips and tricks of great speech-giving. They don’t understand how to grab attention, connect thoughts, establish credibility, and deliver the goods in powerful, unforgettable ways. So never fear, anyone can give a masterful speech by simply following some basic tenets:Know your audience. How many times have you sat through a talk and asked like Jim Carrey in "The Truman Show" as his fake wife promoted products to an unseen audience, “Who are you talking to?

Infrastructure Capital Advisors

Jay Hatfield, president of Infrastructure Capital Advisors, offers three picks for income and growth.


Engadget profiles the wearable wireless storage device from ReVault, currently crowdfunding on Indiegogo.

Angel Oak Capital Advisors
Bloomberg Businessweek

Brad Friedlander of Angel Oak Capital Advisors shares his thoughts on the debt, bond, and mortgage markets.

Janney Montgomery Scott
The Washington Post

Mark Luschini, a chief investment strategist for Janney Capital Management, discusses the April jobs report in the Washington Post.

Penn Mutual Asset Management

David O'Malley, Penn Mutual Asset Management CEO, discusses why the market will look “baby bear[ish]” by the end of the year.

Angel Oak Mortgage Solutions
The New York Times

Tom Hutchens, senior vice president for sales and marketing at Angel Oak Mortgage Solutions, discusses the revisiting of subprime mortgages.

Fox Business

Philip Noftsinger, payroll president at CBIZ, discusses the growth of small business employment opportunities on Fox Business’ After The Bell.

United Capital
The New York Times

Client Joe Duran, CEO of United Capital, discusses the company's new category, Financial Life Management, in the The New York Times.

Bluestone Capital Management

Ted Peters, CEO of Bluestone Capital Management, discusses the Feds’s pending interest rate hike.

Align Commerce

How is the "bit" part of the bitcoin being used to move money globally? Client Marwan Forzley shares details of his new startup Align Commerce with Forbes.

People's United Bank and Exencial Wealth Advisors
Wall Street Journal

Clients People's United Bank and Exencial Wealth Advisors make the case for actively managed funds in this Wall Street Journal article.


United Capital

Business Challenge:

United Capital private wealth consulting sought a way to enhance their media presence and authority on financial matters in an effort to strengthen their brand and plans for growth. In doing so, CEO Joe Duran sought to further increase his personal brand as a leading authority in the financial industry and an ambassador of the company’s success and expertise.


By cultivating a deep understanding of United Capital’s business practices, corporate culture, and organizational goals, Gregory FCA formulated a media campaign that distinguished the firm as innovators within the crowded financial advisory landscape. Gregory FCA engaged their national print, broadcast, and online media contacts and produced opportunities that showcased Duran’s expertise. In addition to top-tier national media placements, Duran’s brand development was supported with coverage in leading financial trade publications, effectively positioning United Capital as thought leaders within the industry.


Following the implementation of Gregory FCA’s integrated media campaign, Duran is now a frequent contributor on CNBC and Fox Business and has appeared on CNN and MSNBC, among other prominent networks. Duran is regularly tapped for his expertise in publications including SmartMoney, InvestmentNews, and Registered Rep, and was featured, along with United Capital, in The New York Times’ “Wealth” section cover story.

Since the campaign’s inception, United Capital has achieved over 125 media placements in print, online, and broadcast outlets. Furthermore, Gregory FCA has helped promote United Capital’s eight recent acquisitions, awarding the firm coverage on their acquisition news in top trade and broadcast outlets.

By consistently earning objective media coverage, Duran has built an impressive media resume that showcases his expertise and enhances his credibility. Such media savvy has effectively leveraged current and prospective advisers at United Capital in efforts to gain new business.

ETC logo

Exchange Traded Concepts

Business Challenge:

Exchange Traded Concepts (ETC) is an innovative, new company offering an ETF-in-a-box platform to launch private label exchange-traded funds in as little as 75 days. As a new company, ETC was unknown and lacked a live partner who could offer first-hand experience about the power of the platform.

In a crowded ETF marketplace, the firm turned to Gregory FCA to tell its story to the media to quickly generate credibility and visibility for their unique, first-of-its-kind platform.


Combining their deep knowledge of the investment and ETF industries, Gregory FCA formulated a strategic launch plan to introduce this innovative, new ETF company by developing communications materials and a media plan that communicated ETC’s key messages and drove awareness to innovative managers interested in launching ETFs.

Gregory FCA leveraged its extensive media relationships to establish instant credibility of and educate reporters on the ETC platform. After training ETC professionals for media appearances, Gregory FCA conducted regular NYC media tours to generate interviews and media coverage for the firm. The Gregory FCA team also worked with sub-advisors to streamline publicity messaging between ETC and firms using their platform.


Since launch, ETC is generating direct leads from its PR campaign and is in communication with more than 50 firms about using their ETF-in-a-box platform. In addition, ETC is averaging one national broadcast appearance per month, supported by regular coverage in the top tier financial trades and The Wall Street Journal.


Kimco Realty Corporation

Business Challenge:

Kimco, an $8 billion, NYSE traded real estate investment trust (REIT), desired to enhance the value of their company through a high-impact communications strategy that would establish the company and a number of its executives as industry thought leaders.  They wanted these messages to be based on a single narrative that would simultaneously serve the diverse needs of their various audiences, complementing their traditional media outreach with a very aggressive social media presence.


With deep domain experience in both the real estate and finance industries, Gregory FCA was able to develop and execute an integrated communications strategy. At the heart of the strategy was a groundbreaking blog developed by Gregory FCA that served as a central locus of information for Kimco’s many audiences.  As a trusted source of valuable information and insight, Kimco’s blog became the ‘go to’ site for updates on industry trends and developments. Gregory FCA provided Kimco with fresh, new, original content that its executives could post to the blog to build thought leadership throughout this growing community.


Kimco’s blog quickly achieved traction and now accounts for a growing proportion of Kimco’s online audience, with some 4,500 visitors reading Kimco’s content each month. Due to its fresh and insightful content, traffic on the blog is growing faster than on the corporate website. This content is repurposed on many levels to drive Kimco’s media relations efforts. The results speak for themselves, coverage by The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Newsday, The Boston Globe, National Real Estate Investor, Seeking Alpha, and Real Estate Forum. In addition, Kimco has won industry acclaim as a model of transparency. The Kimco blog was named a ‘MAXI Awards’ finalist by the International Council of Shopping Centers in the “New Media—Best Use of Social Media (Company)” category. Kimco is now expanding their social media program.  Facebook pages are being created for a number of Kimco’s shopping centers where the pages will be populated with useful information to better serve customers and increase foot traffic. Gregory FCA has devised the pilot program, which will ultimately be implemented portfolio-wide.



Business Challenge:

CBIZ, Inc., a NYSE-listed company with business lines in employee benefits, insurance, public accounting, tax and consulting, came to Gregory FCA in 2005 to overcome the company’s brand awareness issues stemming from the fact that the firm was formed as a series of acquisitions of different firms.


Gregory FCA has spent the past nine years working with CBIZ’s chief marketing officer and regional personnel to develop an integrated corporate communications effort, blending an aggressive thought leadership campaign with strategic deployment of company news and data via blogging and the innovation of the CBIZ Small Business Employment Index, which measures hiring trends for companies with 300 or fewer employees.


Today, CBIZ is regularly featured in mainstream financial media outlets including CNBC, Bloomberg, and The Wall Street Journal; in niche media, Accounting Today, CFO Magazine, and Risk & Insurance. The CBIZ Small Business Employment Index is now considered a leading economic indicator covered regularly by the media.

In addition, the CBIZ blog, which Gregory FCA built and manages, has seen 40% year-over-year growth. CBIZ has enjoyed more than 125 thought leadership opportunities in top-tier media during the past year.



Business Challenge:

CAST provides software testing technology services to large enterprises that prevent system errors and resulting crashes from unknown source code bugs. These system crashes have become “the price of doing business” recently, with several high-profile companies like Knight Capital and the NASDAQ Facebook IPO as examples. CAST wished to eliminate this perception by promoting their software solution to these targeted companies to generate new business opportunities.

Software testing is an extremely dry and highly technical topic, one that media journalists are typically not motivated to cover. Gregory FCA assured CAST that it could deliver targeted media placements that would generate quantifiable business leads, due to its in-house Editorial staff that is comprised of many former developers, now turned writers, and its deep technology industry experience. These writers understand tech speak and how to translate it into a business value story.


Gregory FCA’s overarching strategy for CAST media placements is to be the first to respond and pitch the media when system errors occur, to promote CAST’s thought leadership and services in light of a company’s catastrophe, and open the dialogue for sales. In early 2013, BATS Global Markets, Inc., the third-largest U.S. stock exchange operator, was the latest culprit of a coding glitch that led to hundreds of thousands of trades being executed improperly on BATS Global Markets over the past four years, a violation of U.S. SEC rules. This time, the Gregory FCA and CAST team decided to make news differently by issuing a press release for an audience of one: Chris Isaacson, Chief Operating Officer of BATS Global Markets.

Gregory FCA utilized the power of the wire service and SEO to get the CAST pitch on Mr. Isaacson’s radar, drafting in conjunction with CAST an open letter to Chris Isaacson, offering friendly advice on how BATS Global Markets could secure the resilience of its market-facing systems with a simple five-point plan eliminating system-level errors hidden in its source code. The letter was posted to the CAST blog, and linked to in a press release, emphasizing SEO with the hope that it would be picked up by Google’s Google Alerts system. The executives of every major company have Google Alerts set up around their name, as do their public relations teams. By hitting Google Alerts, Gregory FCA could ensure that CAST’s use of public relations would drive the message home to BATS COO, Chris Isaacson.


Within two weeks, the press release showed up in Google Alerts. The team knew that if the Google Alerts came through in their inbox, it meant that Mr. Isaacson and his PR team had seen the release as well. The team then kept their eyes on the CAST blog and website stats, which confirmed multiple visits from BATS Global Markets. Gregory FCA relayed this visitor data to CAST for its sales teams to follow up with BATS Global Markets and continue the conversation that Gregory FCA had started, all via a new use of an old promotional method—using a press release as an open letter that hyper-targeted an audience of one to conduct closed loop marketing. This campaign was awarded Best Traditional News Release by Ragan’s PR Daily.

yoh logo final


Business Challenge:

Yoh is an American talent and outsourcing company whose primary services include temporary placement, direct hire, managed staffing services, and outsourced solutions. Prior to the Internet revolution, the goal of Yoh’s public relations efforts was to generate awareness. Yoh would hope to tell a story that would resonate with the media, gain traction, and lead to consumer engagement. But over the past decade, as social and digital media has matured, the company required a new communications strategy that would maximize their consumer engagement.

Specifically, Yoh was looking to achieve the following goals: raise awareness of Yoh’s new agile practice; promote the issues facing HR pros trying to hire agile developers; establish Yoh as a thought leader in the agile space; generate demand among HR pros looking for agile developers; and generate demand among agile developers looking for work.


Yoh partnered with Gregory FCA, who provided an integrated communications strategy that relied on both media exposure and the generation of prospect interest via new and advanced digital strategies.

The heart of the campaign established the Yoh blog—a content-heavy, issues-oriented, online publication that consistently encouraged prospects to seek direct engagement. Gregory FCA helped design, implement, and integrate “The Seamless Workforce” Yoh blog as a method for promoting such consumer interaction.

Gregory FCA facilitated guest blogging and created a report on talent supply chain with an accompanying infographic. These content-driven marketing tactics boosted Yoh’s thought leadership and the issues facing hiring employers. A mock cartoon debating “Agile vs. Fragile” developers and an “Agile Valley” cartoon series, also developed by Gregory FCA, improved Yoh’s awareness through viral marketing. These efforts were supported by Gregory FCA’s traditional press releases, media outreach and engagement. All content marketing efforts were highlighted on the blog as a one-stop shop for media and target audiences.


Gregory FCA’s content syndication yielded top placements on, InformationWeek, GigaOM, VentureBeat and eWeek. Placements were also secured with popular developer websites, including and AgileScout, sparking conversation among the agile community. Total readership amassed by content placement was over 5.1 million. Yoh broke into the top 10 Google search results for the terms “agile development” and “agile hiring,” including all top six results for “yoh agile.”

In one year, with the help of Gregory FCA, Yoh was featured in 120 local, regional, and national media placements. And unlike public relations strategies of the past, Gregory FCA has used these media placements as a means to generate online awareness. Earned media coverage was funneled back to the Yoh blog, which provided a wealth of information that prospects could use, share, and exchange. By closely tracking the blog; identifying and analyzing who engaged, when they engaged, and how often they engaged, Gregory FCA was able to create a graduated pipeline of prospects for Yoh, prioritized by those most likely to procure services.

Gregory FCA received the Best Content Marketing/Brand Journalism award from Ragan’s PR Daily for this campaign.


Friendly Planet Travel

Business Challenge:

Friendly Planet Travel is a national vacation operator specializing in premium, exotic, and cost-effective international travel arrangements. With no additional advertising budget, the company sought to increase their visibility and brand awareness on Facebook to existing and potential customers, build a community of engaged travelers, and educate fans on their offerings and special deals using their pre-existing Facebook page. The client also wanted satisfied travelers to do word of mouth marketing on the page by leaving positive reviews.


Gregory FCA recommended a strategic campaign to leverage Facebook’s open API and allow Friendly Planet Travel to host sweepstakes within its company pages on a shoestring budget. To achieve these goals, Gregory FCA created a strategic integrated campaign called “Win the World”. At the heart of the campaign was a series of sweepstakes, awarding six all-inclusive dream vacations for two to some of the world’s most exotic and desirable locations, including South Africa, China, Peru, and more.

Gregory FCA surrounded the sweepstakes launch with low-cost, high-impact marketing exercises, including an email blast to the existing database, promotion in sweepstakes-focused newsletters and websites, and promotion on Friendly Planet Travel’s website and Twitter account.

An aggressive traditional media relations campaign was also developed, targeting top tier media at travel websites and blogs. The sweepstakes was monitored daily through posts, commenting, and “liking” media, as well as monthly chats.


Gregory FCA secured exposure in top tier media outlets, blogs, and industry trade publications such as, The Chicago Tribune,, and Smarter Travel. The sweepstakes sites alone exposed the brand to more than 9.6 million unique monthly viewers. Based on the success of this campaign, and despite the current low promotional budget, Friendly Planet Travel’s social media presence is now an integral part of the organization, with the Facebook page now boasting a community of more than 48,648 (from its start of 1,500), giving it a larger presence on the platform than many other travel household names including AOL Travel, Gadling, and Smarter Travel.

The word of mouth marketing objective was achieved with over 200 positive testimonials from customers. The media coverage, coupled with Gregory FCA’s aggressive marketing tactics, helped increase Friendly Planet Travel’s Facebook fans by more than 14,000 in the first 90 days while concurrently strengthening the company’s email database and marketing outreach efforts. User engagement rose dramatically and has remained high, from a baseline of 1,200/month prior to the initial sweepstakes, to an average of 9,652 monthly engaged users one year later.

Gregory FCA received an Honorable Mention for Best Facebook Page from Ragan’s PR Daily for this sweepstakes campaign.


CA Technologies

Business Challenge:

CA Technologies (NASDAQ: CA) is a $4 billion global IT management software and solutions company with 14,000 employees worldwide. CA has deep expertise across all IT environments, from mainframe and distributed to virtual, cloud, and mobile. Solutions from CA Technologies help companies manage and secure IT environments and deliver more flexible IT services to the business faster.

While CA is one of the most-recognized enterprise brands, it was best known for solutions used in large, complex, heterogeneous IT environments. The company wanted to establish a leadership position and derive significant revenue in several highly competitive emerging markets: cloud computing, social media, mobile computing (smartphones, tablets, and apps), among others.


Gregory FCA developed a thought leadership strategy to help CA engage the most influential media and bloggers covering IT, and marshal their audiences into CA’s pipeline through digital demand generation and sales enablement techniques.

Gregory FCA helped CA identify, cultivate, and interview a deep bench of subject matter experts. The interviews powered an editorial calendar of custom content developed, syndicated, and socialized by Gregory FCA, including blog posts, guest blog posts, ebooks, infographics, cartoons, bylines, videos, podcasts, and more.

All of the content was optimized for search and social media, and was syndicated across the enterprise IT blogosphere and Twitterverse.


CA’s custom social content appeared regularly in some of the most-read enterprise and business media today, including The Wall Street Journal, BusinessWeek, ReadWriteWeb Enterprise, CIO, ZDNET, IT Business Edge, and AllTwitter. Moreover, CA’s articles were shared widely across social media, including on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, Digg, Delicious, Reddit, and DailyMotion.

CA’s content now appears on Google page one when people are searching for information about CA’s targeted topics, attracting legions of fresh prospects to CA’s digital destinations. In the end, CA’s content generated over one million impressions per month, and has reached over 120 million users worldwide.

Company leaders credit the thought leadership strategy with generating $42 million in new pipeline, and pushing $24 million in existing pipeline through to close. As a result, the campaign is being expanded to take on two additional subject matter areas for the next fiscal year.

Mits Logo2_resize

Mitsubishi Electric

Business Challenge:

Mitsubishi Electric was feeling neglected.  Their previous public relations firm, a large national agency, had told Mitsubishi time and again that premier media simply wasn’t interested in attending its product shows or covering its large screen TVs. Mitsubishi had had enough, and launched a national search for a new agency. They included Gregory FCA after having worked with the firm on a partner’s event in New York.  The event, which Mitsubishi’s previous firm had dismissed as not “media worthy,” attracted major media, including a USA Today reporter that Mitsubishi had prized, but had never met.

Finally, in 2010, Gregory FCA was named Mitsubishi Electric Visual Solutions America’s agency of record

As a legacy company in the television and technology market space with a smaller market share, Mitsubishi Electric desired greater media exposure. However, because of Mitsubishi’s limited advertising budget, public relations was relied upon to inform and alert the industry, educate dealers, reach consumers, and keep the brand fresh and alive.


In designing a consumer public and media relations strategy, Gregory FCA reached out to its dedicated and developed media contacts, advocating Mitsubishi Electric’s product lines to previously untapped audiences.

Further, Gregory FCA supported Mitsubishi at conferences and trade shows, consumer and media exhibitions, customer initiatives, multimedia, as well as other marketing projects. This direct stakeholder engagement aimed to help raise the level of awareness and capture a greater share of the voice in the crowded and competitive television and consumer electronics marketplace.

Finally, Gregory FCA helped Mitsubishi further amplify its existing social media platform by providing a consumer friendly voice which facilitated two-way communication and primed the company for direct-to-consumer marketing campaigns.


Since the beginning of their business relationship, Gregory FCA has generated over 2,000 media placements for Mitsubishi Electric. Highlights of Mitsubishi’s media exposure include USA Today, New York Times, Associated Press, Wall Street Journal, ABC News, Consumer Reports, Popular Science, PC World, Rolling Stone, and more. A successful campaign, however, does not end with traditional media procurement. Before utilizing Gregory FCA, Mitsubishi maintained a limited presence on Facebook with 700 likes. Since then, Gregory FCA helped the company build its Facebook page to more than 32,000 likes.


Five Below

Business Challenge:

Five Below is a rapidly-growing specialty value retailer offering a broad range of trend-right, high-quality merchandise-all priced between $1 and $5 to the teen and pre-teen market. Founded in Philadelphia in 2002, the company quickly began opening new stores, first in Greater Philadelphia and then gradually throughout the Northeast Corridor. Between 2011-2012, Five Below opened 50 new stores and set its sight on retail locations in major metropolitans farther from its roots. As the company evaluated new markets across the country, it sought a public relations partner to help build awareness of the brand, generate excitement among consumers, and drive traffic to its new stores.


Gregory FCA developed a consumer PR and media relations strategy that targeted major local dailies, business journals, community newspapers, and online and TV outlets to promote each Five Below store opening and market launch. Through a combination of press releases and one-on-one media outreach, Gregory FCA contacted regional influencers to offer interviews with Five Below executives, personalized tours of the new stores prior to grand opening, photo and video opportunities, store hours and specifications, and details on grand opening festivities.


As of May 2012, Gregory FCA has supported Five Below in more than 10 major metropolitan expansions, including Chicago, Detroit, Boston, Cleveland, and Pittsburgh, and more than 100 new store openings. Feature stories secured by Gregory FCA in major daily newspapers, such as Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, The Boston Globe, and The Chicago Tribune have successfully showcased Five Below as a fast-growing, trendy, and dynamic specialty retailer that is on the forefront of the powerful value- and teen-oriented retail trends.

In addition, Gregory FCA has arranged for numerous local television networks, local daily and weekly newspapers, and online media outlets to cover Five Below’s grand opening events. These segments captured shoppers’ excitement at the great value they can find at Five Below and have increased the buzz about the retailer within local communities.

Five Below continues to open new stores, both in new markets as well as those in which it already has a presence, and has the potential to grow to more than 2,000 locations nationwide. Gregory FCA continues to provide Five Below with media relations support in these efforts.

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