"I can't say enough about the effectiveness of their strategies and the professionalism of their organization. Gregory FCA is one of the pre-eminent public relations firms in the nation.”

Ted Peters ,
Bluestone Financial Institutions Fund

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Case Study


ETFs are perhaps the hottest financial products since Index Funds were introduced in the 1970s. But along with the interest has come lots of noise, with issuers introducing a record number of ETFs in 2014.

Still, PureFunds, from International Securities Exchange, thought they had a unique new offering, when they created HACK, a new ETF based on publicly traded internet and data security firms. Fast-track SEC approval gave them only two weeks to launch. PureFunds turned to the industry’s leading ETF public relations firm, Gregory FCA, for quick action that ensured success.

ISE ETF Ventures


Gregory FCA packaged the story with an eye to capitalize on inevitable but intermittent data breaches that spawn major media coverage. The strategy included identifying media most likely to cover breaches and piggybacking on breaking news in real time. On the week of launch, as news of a breach began to surface, Gregory FCA’s financial services practice swung into action, newsjacking the coverage to client advantage.

In the first week alone, Gregory FCA strategically secured dozens of media appearances, resulting in record volume for the ETF. A CNBC broadcast exclusive featuring ISE consultant Christian Magoon further catalyzed trading activity.


HACK was one of the most successful ETF launches of 2014, and is now considered textbook for how to effectively introduce a financial services product to the industry and consumer investors. Outlets from Barron’s to Bloomberg, FinancialAdvisor to Investor’s Business Daily and TheStreet covered the product’s launch, many of whom published within 48 hours of the IPO.

HACK ETF reached $231 million in its first three months and exceeded one million shares traded during one day. As of mid-June 2015, HACK hit $1 billion AUM and has received an overall positive endorsement from the major outlets of Reuters, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and Bloomberg as one of the strongest ETF launches in Q4 2014. This is what one reporter called HACK in a recent Tweet: “…Def #1 in media attn…”

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