"Gregory FCA has introduced our firm to the most recognized financial media outlets in the country and the resulting media coverage has been effective in both our marketing and branding initiatives."

Maury Fertig ,
Relative Value Partners

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Case Study


Hearing aid manufacturer Oticon, Inc. made headlines in 2016 when it launched Opn, the world’s first internet-connected hearing aid. In June 2017, Oticon was launching an updated version of Opn, and saw an opportunity to make a splash and capture share of voice in the media.

To do this, Gregory FCA devised a “big” idea to generate excitement and coverage in technology, health, senior, and general consumer media, as well as extend Oticon’s reach via external social media platforms.

Oticon needed an undeniable story idea to draw the attention of consumer media, and Gregory FCA delivered it: Oticon would produce the world’s first rock concert broadcast directly to hearing aid wearers.



To pull off a “world’s first” event, many moving pieces and tactics came into play, including event planning, media relations, messaging and press release development, website development, video production, social media content, and a satellite media tour (SMT).

The first step was to find a legendary rock band that would be willing to participate in the campaign. Gregory FCA spoke with the managers of nearly 20 bands from the 1970s and 1980s, but none understood what we wanted to do more than the management team for Styx. Gregory FCA executed a contract for a one-time broadcast of Styx’s August 22, 2017 concert at the PNC Bank Arts Center.

In a timeline of less than two months, Gregory FCA outlined and executed a media strategy, identified and hired technical partners to facilitate the broadcast, and designed and developed a custom microsite which would host the audio player for Opn hearing aid wearers.

To create additional exposure for this “world’s first” event, Gregory FCA developed content for Oticon’s Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn pages, and drafted LinkedIn posts for the company president’s personal profile. To extend Oticon’s social reach further, Gregory FCA negotiated with Styx’s managers to promote the event on the band’s social channels, and convinced Live Nation to share it socially too.  


In the end, the Oticon Opn Rocks campaign generated the visibility Oticon was looking for. Gregory FCA delivered 36 TV and radio interviews and more than 115 stories in newspapers, local TV outlets, tech media, and more, reaching a potential audience of 353.5 million.

Social media also drove consumer awareness. Over 15.8 million people were reached on social media, resulting in over 250 comments, 800 shares, and 5.1 thousand likes. Styx alerted their 1.58 million Facebook and Twitter fans about the event three times. Live Nation and PNC Bank Arts Center promoted the event on Twitter and Facebook to 4.59 million followers, and Live Nation also emailed its subscribers about it. Overall, there was positive feedback and excitement from fans and Opn wearers across social media.

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