"We brought in Gregory FCA to generate media coverage that would bring greater visibility to my firm—the result has been fantastic. Over the years, I have leveraged my press exposure, and the credibility it brings, in my marketing efforts to help grow my business.”

Larry Rosenthal ,
Rosenthal Wealth Management Group

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Case Study


Penn Mutual wanted to take a dramatic step and transform itself from a lesser-known, B2B brand into a powerful voice in financial services, one heard by consumers, regulators, and the agents and advisors upon whom the success of their brand depends.

With more than $100 billion of life insurance in effect, Penn Mutual’s CEO Eileen McDonnell foresaw a real and present threat as agents aged, and Millennials chose to invest less in life insurance. To address this, Penn Mutual selected Gregory FCA to craft and extend a narrative of diversity and product need into a market with waning interest in buying life insurance or joining the ranks of its advisory network.

Penn Mutual


Gregory FCA developed a multi-faceted communications and public relations campaign to fully leverage both earned and owned channels and tell the Penn Mutual story in a new, contemporary way. To reach consumers, Gregory FCA relied on Penn Mutual subject matter experts to educate consumers on the power of life insurance in national consumer media. For brokers and advisors, Gregory FCA made heavy use of the financial services trades, consistently penetrating them with powerful stories about the need for industry change. For Millennials, Gregory FCA created new Penn Mutual digital platforms, including the company’s first ever blog, and supported Penn Mutual’s sponsorship of the Penn Mutual National Rugby Collegiate Championship.


A new narrative, combined with an integrated communications approach, has increased Penn Mutual’s social presence an estimated 250% since implementation in September 2014, and has improved the company’s share of voice 10% through strategic media placements in the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, U.S. News & World Report, and others.

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