"They have taken our outreach efforts to a whole new level and we have achieved more than we could have imagined with their partnership."

Gina Ciagne ,
Lansinoh Laboratories

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Case Study


Reality Shares, an asset management firm, ETF issuer, and index provider, hired Gregory FCA in 2016 to support its innovative product suite of exchange-traded funds. ETFs now have more than $2 trillion in assets, and, on average, see a new product launched every two days.

In 2017, the firm needed a home run and turned to Gregory FCA when it was about to launch the Reality Shares Nasdaq NexGen Economy ETF (NASDAQ: BLCN). This ETF seeks to invest in leading global companies creating and implementing blockchain solutions, that is, those companies committing material resources to developing, researching, supporting, innovating, or utilizing blockchain technology for their proprietary use or for use by others.

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Gregory FCA assembled a “SWAT team” of highly skilled professionals with experience in the financial services industry, and ETF launches in particular, to collaborate on the BLCN launch. The team created and implemented a two-staged approach to ensure the ETF product launch was a success.

The first step was to build credibility and thought leadership for Reality Shares and its Co-Founder and CEO, Eric Ervin. The Gregory FCA team quickly mobilized to research and contact media outlets that have covered ETF launches and the blockchain and cryptocurrency space. Using that comprehensive, individualized list, the team offered embargoed interviews with key members of the press and secured pre-launch coverage in publications such as Barron’s, Business Insider, and Bloomberg.

The second step, once the ETF launched, was to promote the product. Gregory FCA and Reality Shares accomplished this by going on a two-day New York City media tour, focusing the messaging on key factors that differentiated Reality Shares from others in the market, and capitalizing on timing. Rather than make the launch story all about Reality Shares, Gregory FCA developed timely story angles to newsjack blockchain and cryptocurrency news of the day.


BLCN came out of the gate strong, correlating directly to the vast exposure it generated in trade, broadcast TV, and top-tier national media. In the first week, Gregory FCA secured over a dozen top-tier media appearances, resulting in record volume for Reality Shares’ ETF platform.

On the day of its IPO, BLCN saw a volume of 604,000 shares traded, achieving an AUM of $13.5 million.  Reality Shares’ social media engagement and web traffic also skyrocketed by significant margins.

On day two, BLCN had traded an additional 1.3 million shares. An impressive two straight days of gains.

As of March 26, 2018, BLCN’s AUM is $118.09 million.

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