“Team Gregory FCA has been a great resource for Post University, and listens to our needs while exploring new opportunities on our behalf. Thorough and thoughtful, this group provides great guidance and makes media connections that come back for more.”

Bob Sembiante ,
Post University

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Case Study


“Savior,” a fully-animated 2-D platformer video game featuring artwork and animation influenced by Cuban artist Josuhe Pagliery, came to Gregory FCA as an extension of a pro-bono client, the Innovadores Foundation.

Innovadores is an American non-profit co-founded by John Caulfield, the former chief of mission of the U.S. Special Interests Section in Havana, which works with young Cubans to seed innovation in Cuba. Innovadores became an advisor to the game’s developers and sought Gregory FCA’s help in bringing awareness to “Savior,” Cuba’s first independent video game.

Savior needed Gregory FCA’s help to publicize its upcoming crowdfunding launch on Indiegogo, the ultimate goal of which was to raise the $10,000 needed to help finalize the game’s development.

With a long history of helping startups use public relations to achieve their crowdfunding goals and a keen knowledge of Cuban business operations through its work with Innovadores, Gregory FCA was confident it could help “Savior” achieve its goal.


Gregory FCA created and deployed a national public relations campaign, focused first on helping “Savior” gain funding for development, animation, and art design for the game through a first-of-its-kind Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign, and second on securing interviews for Josuhe Pagliery—the face of “Savior” who stayed in the U.S. during the crowdfunding process.

In order to gain backers, Gregory FCA knew that consumers and media alike would first have to hear “Savior’s” purpose, get to know its developers, and understand the challenges that come with developing a video game in Cuba. The game is intended to entertain, but it’s a serious step forward for the state of innovation in Cuba, where internet access was only recently made available to regular citizens via public Wi-Fi hotspots.

Gregory FCA collaborated with the “Savior” and Innovadores teams to develop a comprehensive press release, “Cuban studio launches first indie video game via Indiegogo campaign,” that would help educate the public and be authentic to “Savior’s” Cuban roots.

Next, Gregory FCA worked directly with Josuhe and the Innovadores team, who advised “Savior” on its crowdfunding campaign, to ensure that the Indiegogo page painted the full picture, provided a clear call-to-action for potential investors, and laid the foundation for media interested in speaking with Josuhe.

Gregory FCA identified national, regional (Miami, NYC, Cuba), Spanish-speaking, and trade media contacts interested in video gaming, technology, innovation, Cuba, and Latin-American affairs to pitch, with the goal of obtaining published articles that would link directly to the crowdfunding campaign.


The Indiegogo campaign launched October 24, 2016 and reached its $10,000 goal in just six days. By its campaign close on November 29, it was 115 percent funded, raising $13,040. Gregory FCA distributed a press release on October 25 in English and Spanish and immediately began individualized outreach to 130 media contacts, tailoring each pitch to the reporter’s past coverage.

Media coverage include placements in mainstream media including VentureBeat, NPR, The Miami Herald, The Street, and Vice; and leading gaming media including Kotaku, Polygon, PC Gamer, Gamasutra, N4G, and Kill Screen.

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