“Gregory FCA hasn’t just lived up to our high expectations—the team has exceeded them more than we thought possible!"

Amy Gordona ,
Kestra Financial

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Meet The Team

Karyn Baldwin

Vice President

Karyn Piechule is a Vice President at Gregory FCA. Since joining the firm in January 2011, she has assisted clients in the financial industry–including RIA professionals, retirement planners, insurance companies, and others–with their communications and social media strategies.

In addition to generating top-tier media coverage for clients in national placements such as Forbes, the Wall Street Journal, The New York Times and The Washington Post, she has garnered opportunities for clients with financial trade outlets, local broadcast appearances, and byline placements.

Aside from traditional media relations, she also helps clients elevate and refine their social media presence. Managing social campaigns for multiple clients, Karyn develops strategic content for multiple platforms and blogs that support the clients’ overall business objectives.

She has a strong background in writing after graduating from The Pennsylvania State University with a degree in journalism and holding a number of internships with local newspapers and magazines. Prior to joining the team, she worked in Beijing as a reporter with the China Daily where she focused her columns on lifestyle trends and profiling national and internationally prominent figures.

Direct: 610-228-2107 Email: Karyn@gregoryfca.com