"Gregory FCA has introduced our firm to the most recognized financial media outlets in the country and the resulting media coverage has been effective in both our marketing and branding initiatives."

Maury Fertig ,
Relative Value Partners

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Meet The Team

Oliver Picher

Oliver Picher


Oliver Picher helps businesses tell their story. Oliver’s varied career has given him a journalist’s instinct for a good news story, a PR person’s drive to engage the right audience, and a business person’s focus on driving the business.

As Editor-in-Chief, Oliver works with clients to create targeted and compelling original content that reaches and engages potential customers and partners. A senior executive with more than 20 years’ experience in public relations in the high tech, professional services, and human resource consulting fields, Oliver understands how enhancing an organization’s visibility, image, and influence can drive the achievement of its strategic goals.

Prior to joining Gregory FCA, Oliver worked as an independent content strategist and communications consultant, helping companies make themselves more visible and attract more business. Oliver also worked closely with Basecamp Business and the Philadelphia Alliance for Capital and Technology (PACT) to create a ground-breaking business events calendar “network” targeted at entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and professionals.

Previously, Oliver was Marketing Director for Synygy Inc., an Inc 500 Hall of Fame professional services company. Oliver was also a member of the Corporate Communications department at Unisys Corporation, and has held positions with Datapro (now Gartner), The Thomson Corporation, and the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation. He began his career selling Apple II computers for business applications, a year before IBM introduced its personal computer. Oliver maintains a passion for technology and met many of the key players in the early PC industry, including Bill Gates.

Oliver holds a B.A. cum laude degree from the University of Pennsylvania in English with a minor in Anthropology, and post-graduate studies in the Dynamics of Organizations at the University of Pennsylvania.

Direct: 610-228-2136 Email: oliver@gregoryfca.com