"We certainly never imagined we would be getting a whole team of talented, energetic, creative, and accessible professionals who would figure out more ways to let the world know about us and our travel services than even we had considered possible."

Peggy Goldman ,
Friendly Planet Travel

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Owned Media Channels

If you’re not managing your company’s online reputation, someone else is. Your competitors. Your detractors. Citizen journalists who can help or hurt your company with a single blog, tweet, or video post.

You need a partner who knows how to navigate the contemporary media landscape—a complex place where traditional media still commands billions of eyeballs, where web publishers prefer edgy over accuracy, where anyone with a smartphone can break news.

Our campaigns engage customers, partners, markets, and employees online with custom strategies that drive measurable business objectives. We do this by building strong relationships with digital influencers, and ensuring those relationships are monitored, measured, and managed to a positive end.

The rules of media relations are changing fast. It’s important to change with them. Let us show you how a strategically integrated social media campaign can help your company achieve its PR, IR, and marketing objectives, while mitigating risk.

Services Include

Gregory FCA Talent

Choose a host to interview your subject matter experts and thought leaders:

  • Social media strategic planning and implementation
  • Development of best practices for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+; monitoring and managing of company pages
  • Brand ambassadorship
  • Blog development and design
  • Development of best practices for; monitoring and managing company blog, contributed content/guest posts
  • Strategic blogger relations
  • Reputation management
  • Measurement and monitoring

Contact us to design live media
content to drive your narrative.

If you’re not managing your company’s online reputation, someone else is.