"Gregory FCA has introduced our firm to the most recognized financial media outlets in the country and the resulting media coverage has been effective in both our marketing and branding initiatives."

Maury Fertig ,
Relative Value Partners

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Client Testimonials

Phil Bak

ACSI Funds


“Gregory FCA has been an integral part of our early success.  They worked with us to build a thoughtful public relations and media strategy and have been the driving force in assuring we execute this plan.  Our overall media exposure has exceeded our expectations and the professionalism of the Gregory FCA team in both securing these opportunities as well as providing preparation material for these media spots has had a positive impact on our business.  Having been in the investment management industry for over 20 years I would put Gregory FCA’s results against any other pr firm with whom I’ve worked.”

Amy Gordona

Kestra Financial

Vice President, Marketing

“Gregory FCA hasn’t just lived up to our high expectations—the team has exceeded them more than we thought possible! They’re the perfect partner for us because their industry knowledge and experience helps the team acutely understand our objectives and needs. Their integrated approach to public relations is bar none, and their efforts on our behalf have raised our profile in the industry.”

Brad Loncar

Loncar Investments


“Gregory FCA is first class in every way.  From media relations to video production, their team has been invaluable to my business.  I’m glad to have them as a partner.”

Anthony Graziano

Integra Realty Resources

Senior Managing Director

“Over the past 15 years of Integra’s history, we have grown to the largest national real estate appraisal firm, with 58 offices nationwide. As our PR firm for 10 years, Gregory FCA has done 90% of the work in 60% of the time. Gregory FCA possesses dynamic and committed leadership. Your firm delivers what it promises. Your people are committed and know how to get the work done–they’re at the top of their game. These three elements; dynamic leadership, loyal clients, and the right people–I want to believe have contributed to Integra’s success and growth. I know for sure it’s part of Gregory FCA’s “secret to success”, and I’m pleased we will continue to grow and change together.”

Victoria Teschner

The Residences at Dockside

Director of Sales and Marketing

“Working with Gregory FCA allowed us to draw the attention we needed to The Residences at Dockside. The team brought creativity, fresh ideas, events, and energy to Dockside which proved to resonate with the media and our prospective buyers. They understood the intricacies of a waterfront property and helped us elevate ourselves to stand out in a crowded Philadelphia market.”

Sylvia Flores

Ubiquity Retirement + Savings

VP of Brand & Creative

“I’ve been directly working with Gregory FCA over the last four years. That being said, I have had over two decades working with Fortune 500 companies and big name PR firms. Never in my experience have I worked with a firm like Gregory FCA. The number of press releases we’ve needed to send out on the wire in the last few years has been limited – the number of premium press pieces we’ve received in an average month, however, is off the hook. Mere press is not what screams success, however. Attributable ROI is — and Gregory FCA continues to kill it in that department, beyond expectations. They help us grow leaps and bounds, and we know they have the chops to scale and grow with us.”

Kris Monaco

ISE ETF Ventures

Head of ISE ETF Ventures

“When ISE decided to form its ETF Ventures group, we knew that we needed a public relations partner with a solid understanding of the ETF market, a strong network of media contacts, and a creative streak. That combination of attributes is rare for such a specialized part of the financial services industry. Gregory FCA has an entrepreneurial spirit that matches our own, and is truly part of our team.”

Kevin Kelly

Recon Capital Partners


“Recon Capital Partners was looking for a PR partner that is well-versed and well-connected in the financial services industry, particularly in the ETF niche as we expand in that space.

Upon engaging Gregory FCA, we were able to capitalize on immediate high-profile media opportunities to reinforce our position as thought leaders in our respective fields. Gregory FCA gave us the marketing support we needed to highlight our competitive advantages. We have been extremely happy with the creativity, responsiveness, and attention to detail we receive from our team at Gregory FCA. We look forward to working with them for a very long time.”

Larry Rosenthal

Rosenthal Wealth Management Group

Founder and President

“Working in the competitive Virginia market, I was seeking something that would separate my business from the pack. We brought in Gregory FCA to generate media coverage that would bring greater visibility to my firm—the result has been fantastic. Over the years, I have leveraged my press exposure, and the credibility it brings, in my marketing efforts to help grow my business.”

Mark Matson

Matson Money

Founder and CEO

“Gregory FCA has been the single best investment I have ever made in my company. They consistently under promise and over deliver. If they say they can do it – it gets done. Before Gregory FCA, we were not even on the radar of public media – now we own it. They have helped us laser focus our message and get it ready for prime time. It wouldn’t be an overstatement to say that they have helped us crush the competition in a time that most investment management companies are suffering and shrinking.”

Ted Peters

Bluestone Financial Institutions Fund

CEO, Bluestone Financial Institutions Fund and Former CEO/Chairman of Bryn Mawr Trust

“Gregory FCA has given the Bryn Mawr Trust Company national recognition as a premier provider of wealth management services. I can’t say enough about the effectiveness of their strategies and the professionalism of their organization. Gregory FCA is one of the pre-eminent public relations firms in the nation.”

Maury Fertig

Relative Value Partners

Co-Founder and Chief Investment Officer

“Gregory FCA has introduced our firm to the most recognized financial media outlets in the country and the resulting media coverage has been effective in both our marketing and branding initiatives. The staff is accessible, knowledgeable, and an overall pleasure to work with.”

Gina Ciagne

Lansinoh Laboratories

Vice President

“The expertise and knowledge that Gregory FCA has in “traditional” modes of PR as well as the new media and social media aspects are fantastic. They have taken our outreach efforts to a whole new level and we have achieved more than we could have imagined with their partnership. The care they take with our team makes us feel as though we are their only client—a true testament to how extremely professional and proficient they are at their craft.”

Peggy Goldman

Friendly Planet Travel


“When Friendly Planet started working with Gregory FCA, we thought we needed help in exposing our brand to the media. Little did we imagine the incredible value for money we would come to rely on as a result of our association. We certainly never imagined we would be getting a whole team of talented, energetic, creative, and accessible professionals who would figure out more ways to let the world know about us and our travel services than even we had considered possible. Whatever we want to do in the world of PR and even the wider world of online marketing and promotion is now possible for us, thanks to you.”

Mark Hoffman


Vice President, Security Marketing and Signature Programs

“Gregory FCA is a trusted partner who has tangibly contributed to our campaign success. Their social media expertise, information technology knowledge, and editorial passion were critical success factors. They are easy to work with, highly creative, and most importantly, deliver on their promises.”

Nick Norton

Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America, Inc.

Senior Manager, Brand Marketing

“From our first meeting with Gregory FCA, I knew that I had the right public relations firm in my grasp. Not too big, and not too small… just right. Each and every team member on our account has consistently demonstrated both breadth and depth of PR acumen, and has shown an uncompromising tenaciousness for delivering awesome results. Through their tireless strategic and creative efforts, we are now an integral part of the television conversation amongst top-tier media outlets. Overall awareness of our brand and three niche TV product categories has risen significantly since we engaged with Gregory FCA. They’re truly our PR ‘Rock Stars!’ “

Bob Sembiante

Post University

Communications Manager

“Team Gregory FCA has been a great resource for Post University, and listens to our needs while exploring new opportunities on our behalf. Thorough and thoughtful, this group provides great guidance and makes media connections that come back for more. They understand the higher education landscape and its challenges, helping us produce and distribute solid, on-target content.”

Tony Peressini

GreenDrop LLC

Chief Administrative Officer

“Our goal at GreenDrop is to bring our fast and easy donation experience to as many areas as possible, so we needed a PR firm that was agile and results-driven. The team at Gregory FCA has done a great job helping us not only expand into new areas but also increase our visibility and enhance our relationships in those communities.”