"I can't say enough about the effectiveness of their strategies and the professionalism of their organization. Gregory FCA is one of the pre-eminent public relations firms in the nation.”

Ted Peters ,
Bluestone Financial Institutions Fund

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Anthony Graziano

Integra Realty Resources

Senior Managing Director

“Over the past 15 years of Integra’s history, we have grown to the largest national real estate appraisal firm, with 58 offices nationwide. As our PR firm for 10 years, Gregory FCA has done 90% of the work in 60% of the time. Gregory FCA possesses dynamic and committed leadership. Your firm delivers what it promises. Your people are committed and know how to get the work done–they’re at the top of their game. These three elements; dynamic leadership, loyal clients, and the right people–I want to believe have contributed to Integra’s success and growth. I know for sure it’s part of Gregory FCA’s “secret to success”, and I’m pleased we will continue to grow and change together.”

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